UMassAir Educational Opportunities

UMassAir and associated academic departments offer a variety of UAS-related courses both in traditional on-campus academic programs and also through UMass’ Continuing and Professional Education (CPE), and via the UMass Transportation Center’s educational programming.

Our overall educational goals are to teach students: 

(1) the safe and appropriate use of UAS operation; 
(2) the public policy issues surrounding UAS operation; 
(3) data analysis of various UAS-produced data products including true color (RGB), multi-spectral and thermal sensing of the environment; and 
(4) emerging developments in UAS in fields such as engineering, environmental management and public policy, often through UMassAir affiliated research.  

On campus courses regularly offered:

Fall semesters

Applications in Unmanned Aerial Systems - Civil Engineering 597A

Spring semesters

Applications in Unmanned Aerial Systems - Crosslisted between Natural Resource Conservation and the School of Public Policy 

In past classes, students have undertaken their own UAS-based projects including: 

(1) the development of orthomosaics and 3D model of the Poet and former Amherst resident Emily Dickinson’s house; 

(2) investigation of the utility of UAS-based products to support the campus farm;

(3) investigation into thermal dynamics and leakage in campus buildings; and,

(4) studying whether UAS-based thermal sensing can detect endangered bird nests in grassland settings. 

In addition, there are other relevant courses offered at UMass campuses on relevant theory and skills related to UAS, such as Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. For more information see the SPIRE system for academic programs like Geosciences and Geography, Environmental Conservation or Natural Resource Conservation, or Civil Engineering.  UMass Amherst also offers a 1-year Masters in Geographic Information Science and Technology (see

CPE or Transportation Center Periodic Offerings

FAA Remote Pilot Exam Test Prep (online and in-person classes)

The Drone Revolution: Innovative Current & Future Applications

Webinar – 10 Things You Need to Know About Flying Drones