Crash Data Audit

UMassSafe coordinated an investigation of police crash reports to assess current challenges and recommend future modifications and training. Final report and executive summary available.

Massachusetts E-Crash Manual

UMassSafe is creating a E-Crash Manual, to provide guidance on crash reporting including how the data is used, data dictionary, coding guide, guidance on new crash report fields, validation rules etc.

Phone Down, Just Drive

UMassSafe is working with the Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section on a project to combat distracted driving among commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers.

T-Force Toolkit: Increasing Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement

UMassSafe has developed T-Force, Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Toolkit, providing a free one stop shopping tool for resources geared toward traffic patrol officers. T-Force is a three-part program with a goal of increasing the enforcement of moving violations such as speeding and lane violations.

2016 Massachusetts Safety Belt Usage Observation Study

UMassSafe recently released a research report indicating that Massachusetts seat belt use is rising and is actually at an all-time high at 78.2%, but there is still work to do because we are still lagging behind other states.

2017 Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan for MA State Police

UMassSafe just finished assisting the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) develop their Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan for the upcoming year. This includes an extensive review of commercial vehicle crash, citation and inspection data to identify problems, develop countermeasures and plan a year of programming.

CMV Crash Location Mapping

The Massachusetts Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Map is an interactive tool that allows users to identify trends and pinpoint crash information involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV) across the state.

Road Safety Audits to Address Lane Departure Crashes as Part of Strategic Highway Safety Plan

UMassSafe has received funding from the Massachusetts Highway Department to provide assistance on Road Safety Audits being conducted at 20 Massachusetts locations in an effort to reduce lane departure crashes.

Traffic Safety Toolbox to Provide Resources for Practitioners

The Massachusetts Highway Safety Toolbox will enable practitioners, including State Agencies such as the Executive Office of Transportation, as well as local cities and towns, to effectively review engineering, education and enforcement countermeasures to prevent and/or alleviate identified crash problems or change undesired motorists and/or pedestrian behaviors.

UMassSafe Initiates Police Outreach Survey on Crash Reporting

UMassSafe is working with and for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security's (EOPSS) Highway Safety Division (HSD) and the Executive Office of Transportation's (EOT) Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to improve the way crash data are collected and used in Massachusetts.

UMassSafe Called On by State Agencies for Crash Data Quality Projects

UMassSafe is taking a lead role on crash data quality work in Massachusetts. Along with continued participation on the Massachusetts Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC), two new projects are now underway. "Improving Crash Data Quality in Massachusetts", funded by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation's Cooperative Research Program, will focus on an audit process to identify and detail data quality issues in the Massachusetts Crash Data system.

UMassSafe collaborates with CEE and ITE to Pilot Transportation Engineering Mentoring Program

Dr. Michael Knodler is New UMassSafe Director

Dr. Michael Knodler, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, assumed the role of UMassSAFE director, effective June 16, 2006.

UMassSAFE Presents Teen Driver Data and Policy Information at Massachusetts State House

On June 27, members of the UMassSAFE team presented findings from a series of research and data analysis projects focused on teen driver safety.

Enforcement, engineers and researchers team up for CMV crash location analysis and enforcement

UMassSAFE teamed up with Massachusetts State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section (MSP CVES) team leaders and MassHighway to examine crash locations for CMV crashes in the Commonwealth. GIS analyses were based on geocoded crash information provided by MassHighway. Results have already been used by the State Police to focus enforcement resources in high CMV crash corridors.