Save the Date: 2024 Northeast Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit

UMassSafe, with support from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, is proud to announce the 2024 Northeast Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit - Preventing Commercial Vehicle Crashes through University & Law Enforcement Partnerships

CV-STAC Webinar: Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Distraction

UMassSafe, through their Commercial Safety Technical Assistance Center (CV-STAC), will be hosting a webinar on Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Driver Distraction. Click here to learn more.

Updated Features for the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Crash Report E-Manual

The Massachusetts Law Enforcement Crash Report E-Manual is a comprehensive and centralized guide and data dictionary to assist with the completion and review of crash reports. Read about the new features recently added here.

Beliefs Become Behaviors: Insights Into Traffic Safety Culture

UMassSafe, with support from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, recently conducted an online survey of large truck operators entitled Understand Driving Attitudes and Behaviors Among CMV Drivers. Learn more here.

Webinar: Law Enforcement Crash Report Review Guidelines

On March 25, UMassSafe and Lt. Michael Sonia hosted an informational webinar on the Law Enforcement Crash Report Review Guidelines.

T-Force Analytics: Tools for CMV Crash Data

T-Force Analytics provides a suite of advanced crash and inspection data tools for addressing Massachusetts commercial motor vehicle safety with the intent of assisting users (law enforcement and state drivers licensing agencies) in implementing programmatic safety efforts, as well as specific regional programming by troop, barracks and high crash corridors.

Crash Report Guidelines Available

With guidance from the RMV and MSP, and technical assistance from the RMV law enforcement liaison, UMassSafe has created materials to provide guidance to supervisors in reviewing crash reports for completeness, accuracy and uniformity.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit

The 2019 Commercial Vehicle Safety Summit brought together 158 attendees from 86 agencies and organizations involved in truck and bus safety.

Six Legislative Initiatives for Improving Roadway Safety

The 2018 Strategic Highway Safety Plan is proposing that Massachusetts consider six high-leverage policies to reduce the frequency and severity of roadway fatalities.

The 2018 Massachusetts Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The Massachusetts Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is developed in accordance with Federal Highway Administration requirements to provide a comprehensive framework for improving safety on all public roads.

Webinar Series: Innovative Initiatives - CDL Compliance & Safety

This nine-week webinar series will provide information and stimulate dialogue on innovative initiatives and best practices on commercial drivers’ license compliance and safety.

UMassSafe Develops Crash Report E-Manual

In order to improve data collection for Massachusetts crashes, UMassSafe developed an interactive Crash Report E Manual website as well as a physical data dictionary document to assist law enforcement with crash reporting.

Crash Data Audit

UMassSafe coordinated an investigation of police crash reports to assess current challenges and recommend future modifications and training. Final report and executive summary available.

Utilization of Crash and Medical Data to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crash Severity: Findings Report

UMassSafe has investigated improved data linkage processes and strategies for linking highway safety data in order to improve the completeness as well as accessibility, integration, accuracy, and uniformity of Massachusetts crash data. View or download the Findings Report here.

Massachusetts E-Crash Manual

UMassSafe is creating a E-Crash Manual, to provide guidance on crash reporting including how the data is used, data dictionary, coding guide, guidance on new crash report fields, validation rules etc.