Current Projects

Understanding highway safety requires a critical look at the data available to us as highway safety professionals.  It is our job to collect, store, provide access to, and analyze data so policy makers, program specialists, and other decision makers understand exactly what they are up against, how to address it most effectively, and figure out how successful they have been.  At UMassSAFE, we’re committed to making sure that high quality, in-depth data analysis remains a key component of every project we are working on.

Ultimately, UMassSAFE projects are something we can all get excited about.  They are strong in their scientific and statistical basis AND translated into something meaningful for the final users.

  • Safety Data Warehousing and Online Data Access
  • Data Sharing, Security, and Data Transfer
  • Data Analysis and Technical Assistance
  • Field Data Collection and Analysis
  • Data Analysis Training
  • Enforcement Training and Assistance
  • Community Education and Feedback
Image of two people discussing map on wallImage of students conducting traffic research