CVSP (Commercial Vehicle Safety Plan)

The Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) is a Federal grant program that provides financial assistance to States to help reduce the number and severity of accidents and hazardous materials incidents involving commercial motor vehicles (CMV). The goal of the MCSAP is to reduce CMV-involved accidents, fatalities, and injuries through consistent, uniform, and effective CMV safety programs.

A State lead MCSAP agency, as designated by its Governor, is eligible to apply for grant funding by submitting a commercial vehicle safety plan (CVSP), in accordance with the provisions of 49 CFR 350.201 and 205. The lead agency must submit the State's CVSP to the FMCSA Division Administrator on or before August 1 of each year. For a State to receive funding, the CVSP needs to be complete and include all required documents. Currently, the State must submit a performance-based plan each year to receive MCSAP funds.

The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) has been the lead MCSAP agency in Massachusetts since the inception of the MCSAP program. The MSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Section (CVES) is responsible for implementing the MCSAP Program within Massachusetts.  Under state statute, we have the authority to enforce all state laws and the appropriate FMCSA regulations anywhere in the territorial confines of Massachusetts.