T-Force Analytics: Tools for CMV Crash Data




T-Force Analytics provides a suite of advanced crash and inspection data tools for addressing Massachusetts commercial motor vehicle safety, with the intent of assisting users (law enforcement and state drivers licensing agencies) in implementing programmatic safety efforts, as well as specific regional programming by troop, barracks and high crash corridors. The tools are split into three primary sections:

Crash Dashboards contain a variety of decision management tools for identifying crash characteristics, including carriers and high crash corridors. Ultimately, these tools help enable strategic enforcement planning based on the unique differences in both crash circumstances and enforcement capabilities relative to the varying jurisdictions statewide.

Inspections Dashboards contain visual tools for analyzing inspections by type, crash ratios, as well as breaking down variables by troopers and location. The purpose of these tools is to more effectively implement MCSAP inspection programming based on current trends.

Crash Risk Explorer contains tools for identifying areas which are statistically at risk for future crash events based on a combination of historical and predicted data. Data from a variety of sources includes variables like roadway geometry, weather events, and relative injury probability.

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