Becoming an Affiliate

The University of Massachusetts Transportation Center (UMTC) is developing a network of Affiliated Researchers. The network provides a mechanism to link funding organizations with innovative researchers in diverse areas of expertise. In addition, the network should also provide a platform through which we help shape the research needs across the Commonwealth.

There are several benefits and opportunities associated with joining the UTMC Research Affiliate network:


  • Streamlined Access to Research Support Services
  • Be a part of Statewide Research Roundtables
  • Opportunities to Populate the UMTC Research Needs Database
  • Input your ideas and focus into our Future Research Programming

Funding Opportunities

  • Perform Literature Searches in Your Area of Expertise
  • Conduct a Peer Review Report Review
  • Participate in Hot Topic (On Demand) Research Tasks

If you are interested in joining our Research Affiliate network, please contact Matt Mann at