UMTC Research

The UMTC conducts research on all aspects of Transportation including Operations, Management, Safety, Traveler Demand and Behavior, Sustainability, Freight, Transit, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Transportation Finance and Policy, Emission Estimation and Modeling, Commercial Motor Vehicle research, Safety, Human Factors, Climate Change and Economic Development.

The UMTC is funded in part through its agreement with MassDOT and through its participation in research consortiums such as NETC (New England Transportation Consortium), Safer-Sim (Safety Research Using Simulation), and other U.S. Department of Transportation University Transportation Center (UTC) Consortiums.


Research Affiliate Network

The University of Massachusetts Transportation Center (UMTC) has developed an extensive network of Research Affiliates. The network provides a mechanism to link funding organizations with innovative researchers in diverse areas of expertise. In addition, the network also provides a platform through which we help shape the research needs across the Commonwealth.

There are several benefits and opportunities associated with joining the UTMC Research Affiliate network:
Streamlined Access to Research Support Services
Be a part of Statewide Research Roundtables
Opportunities to Populate the UMTC Research Needs Database
Input your ideas and focus into our Future Research Programming
Funding Opportunities
Perform Literature Searches in Your Area of Expertise
Participate in Hot Topic (On Demand) Research Tasks


If you are interested in joining the UMTC's Research Affiliate network, please contact Matt Mann at