2019 Contract

Since 2016, the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) Workforce Development Program has grown significantly, offering a significant number of training and support services, including:

  • CDL-B training
  • Transportation construction careers
  • Sharing employment notices & job search strategies 
  • Resume review & Interview skills
  • Life skills
  • Hoisting Exam Prep
  • Flagger Certification

Temporary and permanent placements have been made with to the following unions, companies, and municipal departments:

  • Local 108 Carpenters' Union
  • Geeheler Industries
  • Laborers' Union
  • Millbury DPW
  • Northern Construction
  • Oxford DPW
  • Springfield DPW
  • SPS Construction
  • Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District
  • Uxbridge DPW
  • Westfield DPW
  • Worcester DPW

With our 2019 season underway, we continue to focus on providing these vital transportation construction industry skills, certifications, and licenses.

If you have graduated from a Massachusetts State Pre-Apprenticeship Program, you are eligible for Program services.

For more information, please contact Matt Mann at

And check out our Facebook Page! 

This opportunity is available only to Massachusetts Pre-Apprenticeship Program graduates.

Additional Resources

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Local Union DIrectory

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Worcester Roots

Workforce Development Program

Workforce development is an integral aspect of UMass Transportation Center operations, from current Baystate Roads and UMTC-Transportation Training Institute classes, to researching new technologies and processes that will become future training topics.  Improving the capabilities of our current workforce and planning for the future is key to a successful transportation sector and Massachusetts economy.   In 2016, the most recent of these UMTC programs kicked-off with a focus on developing the next generation of transportation construction workers.  Made possible through funding provided by the MassDOT and FHWA, this On-the-Job Supportive Services contract expands opportunities for women, minorities, and disadvantaged young adults entering careers in transportation construction.  As our construction workforce ages, opportunities for young adults – whether within local Departments of Public Works, private sector companies and union positions are significantly expanding!

And the range of possible careers within the Transportation Construction industry is SUBSTANTIAL!

Following on the successful completion of a Massachusetts pre-apprenticeship training program, including:

  • Community Works
  • Mass. Pre-Apprenticeship and Vocational School 
  • Youth Build Boston
  • Building Pathways (Boston, Worcester, or South)

the UMTC Workforce Development Program applies group and individual training, as well as employment support services - to guide participants further into the transportation construction field. Program services and resources have included:

Life, Work & School Skills Training

  • Construction Math
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills
  • Math tutoring
  • Drivers Education Vouchers

Industry Orientation & Training    

  • Career information
  • CDL-B Training 
  • Competent Person/Excavation Safety
  • OSHA-10 Certification
  • Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Springfield Viaduct Tour
  • DPW Field Trip
  • Laborers Union Training Academy Field trip
  • Flagger Certification
  • Basics of a Good Road
  • Concrete Sidewalk Construction
  • Hoisting License Exam Prep/payment


  • Hardhats
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety vests
  • Rain gear
  • Work gloves
  • Backpack tool bags

Congratulations to Shaun Piso!


September 12, 2018 - Shaun recently completed, and is most appreciative of the opportunity to receive his CDL B license through the OJT/SS Program. Astro Crane co-owner, Marty Wright encouraged him to take advantage of the program as it makes him a more versatile and valuable employee. Shaun’s next step is to apply for a hoisting license to operate the cranes, once he is more familiar with the million dollar pieces of equipment. The 2018 graduate of Minuteman Career and Technical High School has a long and prosperous career ahead of him in the heavy equipment industry.

Congratulations to Terhon Donovan & Tashin Roberson!

August 1, 2018 - Terhon Donovan of Worcester and Tashin Roberson of Springfield (pictured above), recently completed their CDL-B training at the New England Tractor Trailer Training School and passed their CDL-B exam. Terhon is a graduate of the MassDOT Building Pathways Program and lives in Worcester. He is OSHA-10 certified and is extremely eager and ready to pursue a career in the construction industry. Tashin is a MassDOT Community Works Program graduate and a Springfield resident.  He is also a certified flagger, and has completed both CPR/First Aid/AED and OSHA-10 training.  Tashin says that he is ready to begin a new career in the construction industry, is versatile and flexible, enjoys challenges, and never gives up!

Contact us, if you have any employment leads for these fine men.

Congratulations to Kevin Asante!

Congratulations to Kevin Asante for accepting a job at the Worcester DPW! He graduated from the MassDOT Pre-Apprenticeship Program and received his CDL-B license from NE Tractor Trailer Training School, through UMTC's Workforce Development Program. Good luck and stay in touch!


Latest participants receive CDL-B licenses through the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) Workforce Development program 

Photo of CDL graduates

(Left - Right) Jahlil Drewery - Gilbert, Theresa Hayes, Jacyn Norfleet and Curtis Coker-Johnson 

Congratulations to the three new CDL B program graduates; they are ready to go to work!  Jahlil Drewery-Gilbert, Theresa Hayes and Curtis Coker-Johnson completed their CDL Class B training through the UMTC Workforce Development Program and passed their road test last week. (Jacyn is still in training). Jahlil and Curtis live in the greater Boston area while Theresa resides on the South Shore. If you have an opening in your DPW or know of an opening in the highway construction industry, please let us know.


 Photo of Kevin Asante

The first three UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) Workforce Development participants have received their CDL-B licenses!

June 12, 2017 - Xavier Kinlaw and Kevin Asante of Worcester (Asante featured in photo above) and Francis Dingman of South Hadley recently completed their CDL-B training at the New England Tractor Trailer Training School and passed their CDL-B exam. All are graduates of MassDOT Pre-Apprenticeship programs and are looking forward to working with a highway construction contractor, municipal DPW or state DOT.

We have fifteen other UMTC participants in various stages of training, and will let you know as soon as they receive their licenses.

Please notify us of any openings in your department and we will pass them along.

Thank you!

The UMTC Workforce Development Team

Image of students at construction site

Pilot Project participants, Kyle Thibodeau, Imaghe Paul, Kym Barnett, and Lavan Cope, getting a tour of the Springfield Viaduct Project from Ralph Romano, MassDOT (on right), and accompanied by Jeff Cathcart, UMTC.

Student troweling concrete sidewalk 

Imaghe Paul, finishing a concrete sidewalk in Westfield.


LaTore Harris (right) and Jose Laporte (center) during a field trip to the Springfield Viaduct construction project in August

 Jose Laporte, Julie Arce, and LaTore Harris, checking the weight of a jack hammer. 

Related Careers Based on Vocational Programs

Auto Mechanics/Collision Repair
•    Small engine mechanic
•    Automobile mechanic
•    Light truck mechanic
•    Heavy truck mechanic
•    Diesel equipment mechanic
•    Welder/Fabricator
•    Field service technician
•    Fleet manager
•    Parts manager
•    Customer Service Agent-Parts & Equipment
•    Equipment service department for:
      -    Equipment Dealer
      -    Local public works department
      -    State highway department
      -    MBTA
      -    Amtrak

Business Information Management
•    Business owner/operator
•    Supply chain management
•    Estimator
•    Purchasing agent
•    Project manager
•    Junior engineer

•    Carpenter on highway and site projects
•    Install concrete forms for bridges and tunnels
•    Install forms for concrete sidewalks and retaining walls.
•    Install forms for light pole and sign bases
•    Construct intermodal stations

Construction Craft Laborer
•    Municipal Highway/DPW worker
•    Laborer

•    CADD
•    Estimator
•    Purchasing agent
•    Project planner
•    Highway designer

•    Electrician for highway and bridge projects
•    Traffic signal programmer
•    Traffic signal installer
•    Traffic signal maintainer
•    Electrician for intermodal stations
•    Electrician for intelligent transportation systems

•    Transportation engineer
•    Resident engineer
•    Junior engineer
•    Inspector
•    Clerk of the works
•    Estimator
•    Project planner

•    Company safety officer
•    Safety instructor
•    OSHA instructor

•    Landscaper – highway vegetation, etc.
•    Highway/Department of Public Works maintenance worker
•    Parks and recreation worker (bike paths)
•    Wetlands delineation
•    Storm water technician

•    HVAC for intermodal stations

Metal Fabrication/Sheet Metal
•    Welder
•    Bridge iron worker

Marketing & Retail
•    Equipment sales
•    Material sales
•    Company marketing

Other Transportation Construction Positions:

•    CDL-A or B truck driver
•    Heavy equipment operator
•    Light equipment operator
•    Laborer
•    Concrete finisher
•    Brick mason
•    Painter
•    Hot Mix Asphalt paving operations
•    Concrete paving operations
•    Pipe layer
•    Project superintendent
•    Site foreman
•    Grade foreman
•    Flagger
•    Surveyor
•    Layout person
•    Code Compliance Officer
•    Drone pilot for the following related services:
     -    Traffic flow analysis
     -    Bridge inspection
     -    Site planning