Frequently Asked Questions and Support

Q: How do I create a UMTC/Baystate Roads profile?

Watch our How to Create a Person Profile Video

Q: How do I update my existing UMTC/Baystate Roads profile?

Watch Our How to Update Your Profile Video

Q: I've changed employers. Do I need to create a new profile in your system?

No, you do not need to create a new profile. You can update your existing profile. Watch Our How to Update Your Profile Video

Q: I get a message that my email is in the system but I can't access my profile or reset my password?

It is possible that your profile has been inactivated. Please email us and we can look up your profile and fix the issue.

Q: As a supervisor/manager how can I edit my employee profiles, remove employees from my company who are no longer working for me, and register employees for classes?

We can make you a Registration Manager in our system. Please email us at to be made a Registration Manager. Learn more about what a Registration Manager can do by viewing our Registration Manager Functions document.


Still not finding what you are looking for? Please email us at or call 413-545-2604.