Training is a primary mission of the UMass Transportation Center and a significant component of Center activities. Provided through Baystate Roads, a broad range of transportation training skill levels and associated needs are addressed.  

Baystate Roads is the Massachusetts Local Technical Assistance Program, charged with providing technology transfer training to municipal Departments of Public Works across the state.  Programs are available to other public employees and private sector consultants.  Focus areas include technical, safety, and personal development skills, such as Hot Mix Asphalt, Work Zone SafetyLeadership at All Levels.  The Program is also charged with providing technical training opportunities for Department of Transportation staff.  This audience also includes groups of varying degrees of technical acumen, including Maintenance staff and Design engineers.  

Please see our in-person courses, online/on-demand coursescourse calendar, Baystate Roads website, and videos for additional information. 

The Innovation Webinar Series covers a range of topics related to technology and other innovations, including cross-agency collaborations and partnerships.

Workforce Development is an integral aspect of UMass Transportation Center operations, from current Baystate Roads to researching new technologies and processes that will become future training topics.