The Town of Wellesley Featured On Boston 25 News for Using Beet Juice on Roadways


WELLESLEY, Mass. — A car is one of the most expensive things we own, and it’s being eaten away every winter by road salt.

"Once it gets through the paint to the metal, then it does a lot of damage quick," said Larry Linfield of Don and Wally's Service Center in Norwood. "It's like cancer. when it starts, it starts. It spreads really quick."
But there are wild innovations, from beet juice to bean oil, that could eventually help your car last a few years longer.

Beet juice on the roads

In Wellesley, they're mixing up a concoction to treat roads that's a lot easier on your car, made from beets. The beets, along with corn oil and soy bean oil, are mixed with a liquid salt-based brine and used on the roads when it snows.

“It’s another tool in the toolbox for us. We can go out and get better results in colder temperatures and we can get quicker results,” said Kevin Collins, the General Foreman of the Wellesley Highway Department.

By: Heather Hegedus 

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