Baystate Roads/UMass Transportation Center Expands Online Training and Resources



During these times, when instructor-led training is not an option, there are still a variety of online training resources available to maintain and improve job skills.  While we’re busy developing new UMTC/Baystate Roads content, our partners are also offering a variety of online educational opportunities, including online modules  and on-demand webinars available from the National Highway InstituteAASHTOAmerican Public Works Association, and FHWA webinars.  

Links to these and other resources are also listed on our growing Additional Resources page.  Although we cannot vouch that all content will reflect your State requirements, we support the sharing of these partner-produced efforts.
Please ALSO tune in for the following UMTC/Baystate Roads new and ongoing training and (socially-distanced connection) opportunities:
• Wednesday morning Stump the Instructor webinar, for information on a changing training topic weekly, and Covid-19 check-in with fellow municipal DPW/Highway Departments (and LTAP team).
• NEW online Traffic Signal Warrants training – 12 bite-sized, self-paced modules to learn/refresh your warrants application knowledge.
• Online FAA Drone License Exam Test Prep class  – why not use your extra time to prepare for future drone flight needs?