Affiliate Researcher Hamin Appointed Co-Chair of the ACSP Task Force on Climate Action


Photo of Elisabeth Hamin 

Elisabeth Hamin, professor of regional planning, has been appointed as the co-chair of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) Task Force on Climate Action.

The Task Force on Climate Action will examine the role for scholarly leadership from ACSP in climate change research and in its programs’ curricula.

"So many of our members are leaders in climate change, greenhouse gas mitigation and climate adaptation, and the questions of justice that are central to the climate challenge," said ACSP president Marlon Boarnet in a statement. "The task force will build on that work."

This task force is charged with examining how ACSP should respond to the challenge of climate change in all our association’s activities; this includes, but is not limited to, advice on curriculum, association operations, the annual conference, administrators’ conference, workshops, and research synergies.

The task force is particularly encouraged to consider and plan for a workshop on climate action research and scholarship coincident with the 2021 ACSP annual conference in Miami.

Hamin teaches and researches in land use planning, with a particular focus on planning for climate change adaptation and large-scale landscape planning. Through studios and projects, she works with regional planning agencies and communities on master plans, special projects, and climate change planning. She served as Department Chair from 2013–2017 and program director for the Ph.D. in regional planning for over ten years prior to that. Her most recent book is “Planning for Climate Change: A Reader in Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Design for Resilient Cities,” co-edited with Yaser Abunnasr and Robert L. Ryan.

Original article from UMass News and Media Relations