FFY2021 MassDOT Research Projects Seeking PIs


MassDOT has currently proposed 11 research projects for FFY 2021, and is seeking Principal Investigators (PIs) for each.   The duration of each study is expected to range from 6-12 months, to two years or more.

Here's a downloadable list of each project with maximum budget and expected duration.   

Here is a link to the PI Interest Statement form to be completed for any/all projects for which you are interested; please submit one PI interest Statement per project. 

For each project below, please note the deadline of Tuesday, October 6th  for completion and submission of the PI Interest Statement Form, along with a two-page CV for each PI/co-PI.  Please submit the completed Interest Statement from and CV(s) together as one pdf, if possible.  Researchers interested in applying as a PI for more than one project should submit a separate pdf, with interest statement and CV(s), for each project.  

Please note that there are a number of additional projects that may be posted for RFP and seeking PIs in the coming weeks.  We will share the details of those projects once we have them. 

For any questions, please contact UMTC Director Mike Knodler at mknodler@umass.edu, or Cole Fitzpatrick at cfitzpat@umass.edu.    Thank you.   


PI Interest Statements (with 2-page CVs) are DUE BY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6TH for the Following 12 Projects

Best Practices for Cost Recoveries

Carbon-Neutral Drop-In Transportation Fuels, Literature Review

Automated Guardrail Inventory and Condition Evaluation

Uncovering the Root Causes to Truck Rollover Crashes on Ramps

Multisource Data Fusion for Real-Time and Accurate Traffic Incident Detection via Predictive Analytics

Massachusetts Depth to Bedrock Project

Outdoor Information Panels to Convey Real-Time Travel Information for Ridership Recovery

Developing Massachusetts Specific Trip Generation Rates for Land Use Projects

Measuring Accessibility to Improve Public Health

Optimization of MassDOT's High Performance Thin Lift Mixtures

Revised Load Rating Procedures for Deteriorated Prestressed Concrete Beams

Ultra-High Performance Concrete Reinforced with Multi-Scale Hybrid Fibers and Their Durability-Related Properties