Research Driving Transportation Improvements


In close partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC) advances transportation mobility and safety through research, training, and workforce development.

image of pedestrian safety device installation

As Americans prepare to hit the road in large numbers this summer, drivers in the Commonwealth can enjoy the relative safety of Massachusetts roadways thanks to the leadership of the UMass Transportation Center (UMTC).

Since 1994, UMTC has led research and training in a broad range of transportation-related areas, ranging from road safety and operations to human factors to the relationship between transportation and climate change.

Through its research, UMTC promotes improved pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility.
Housed in the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s College of Engineering, UMTC is comprised of a core group of 11 faculty from several departments, as well as a team of 20 full-time employees. UMTC has also built a network of nearly 150 affiliated researchers from universities primarily around Massachusetts and New England, offering stakeholders streamlined access to research support and collaboration across diverse areas of expertise.

While UMTC has grown and expanded its research portfolio over the years, its mission has remained the same: to improve transportation mobility and safety for the benefit of all citizens of the Commonwealth.

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