New Free Micro-Training from Baystate Roads!


Baystate Roads is pleased to present new micro-training opportunities!  We are working with a number of sources to identify short training segments on a variety of topics.  Micro-segments (<5-30 min. long) can be viewed as stand-alone ‘quick hit’ training opportunities, while others may be assigned as pre-requisites to upcoming classes you have registered for.  View from your computer, iPad, or cell phone; between calls, field work, or during lunch with co-workers.  

We are offering the opportunity to participate in a FREE online Micro-Training Pilot Program. Beginning in May, two short training segments will be made available on a quarterly basis.

Register today to watch the first two online training segments:
 ▪ Pavement Marking Basics
 ▪ Prevent Pavement Marking Cheating

A link will be included in your registration confirmation email. You will be required to log into the UMTC website with your username and password to view the videos. 

We ask that you take a moment to fill out the Micro-Training Survey after watching the videos.