UMTC to Offer Online FAA Remote Pilot Certification Test Prep Course


The UMass Transportation Center is excited to announce a new self-paced online course for individuals who wish to earn their FAA Remote Pilot Certification. The course is based on a recorded presentation by Aviation and UAS industry experts and will be available online soon.

This 9 hour course covers all required knowledge content areas of the FAA’s Remote Pilot Test including:  Regulations, The National Airspace System, Weather, Aircraft Loading and Performance, and Flight Operations.  Upon completion, students should feel qualified to take the FAA Remote Pilot Test.

The Course Objectives will include:
• To prepare attendees with minimal UAS experience for the FAA Remote Pilot Test 
• To introduce attendees to  FAA requirements for drone operations as they apply to both private and public entities.
• To introduce attendees  FAA Remote Pilot Regulations
• To highlight some of the most common safety practices for both current and potential drone operators.

The Course Modules will include:* 
Introduction Video 
Module 1- Remote Pilot Regulations - Sections A-D (90 min)
Module 2 - National Airspace System – Sections A-C (92 min)
Module 3 - Aircraft Loading & Performance – Sections A-D (90 min)
Module 4 - Maintenance (MX) – Complete Module (30 min)
Module 5 - Weather - Sections A-E (105 min)
Module 6 - Flight Physiology, Crew Resource Management & Aeronautical Decision-Making – Sections A-C (55 min)
Module 7 - Airport Operations – Sections A-B (50 min)
Module 8 - Emergency Procedures – Sections A-B (30 min)
Next Steps Video

*module times are approximate