The University of Massachusetts Transportation Center


The University of Massachusetts Transportation Center is responsible for promoting transportation research, education, and training throughout the Commonwealth. 

The Focus of the Center

Improving Transportation Mobility and Safety with Innovative Technologies and Strategies

About the Center 

The Center's operations are supported by University funds and through contracts with state and federal agencies as well as with industry partnerships. Historically, the majority of the Center's activities have involved faculty and staff on the Amherst Campus, although more recently other university and state college campuses have become involved. The current focus of the Center's research, education, and training efforts encompasses the following major programs: 

  • Baystate Roads (Local Technical Assistance Program) 
  • Research Section
  • UMTC Transportation Training Institute (UMTC-TTI)
  • UMass Traffic Research Safety Program (UMassSafe)
  • U.S. Department of Transportation University Transportation Centers: 
    • New England University Transportation Center (Region 1), MIT – lead
    • Safety Research Using Simulation Center (Region 1), University of Iowa – lead
    • Crash-Imminent Safety University Transportation Center (Tier 1) – The Ohio State University – lead.