Online Traffic Signal Warrants: How to Perform, Assess, and Satisfy the Requirements of Each

The NEW UMTC/Baystate Roads Online Traffic Signal Warrants: How to Perform, Assess, and Satisfy the Requirements of Each is ready whenever you are. 

Included are 12 bite-sized modules, with recorded instructor clips, PowerPoint PDFs and other course resources, brief quizzes to assess your knowledge, a final assessment, and course certificate.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to determine whether a traffic signal is warranted for a specific location, given the requirement of each of nine signal warrants and traffic data.

Module Topics:

Module 1 - Course Introduction

Module 2 - Data Needs for a Warrant Analysis

Module 3 - Warrant 1: 8-Hour Vehicle Volume

Module 4 - Warrant 2:  4-Hour Vehicle Volume

Module 5 - Warrant 3: Peak Hour

Module 6 - Warrant 4: Pedestrian Volume

Module 7 - Warrant 5: School Crossing

Module 8 - Warrant 6: Coordinated Signal System

Module 9 - Warrant 7: Crash Experience

Module 10 - Warrant 8: Roadway Network

Module 11 - Warrant 9: Rail Road Crossing

Module 12 - Course Wrap-Up & Final Assessment

Mike Knodler  

Michael A. Knodler, Jr. Ph.D, is a professor in the Transportation Engineering Program of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.  Additionally he is Director of the UMass Transportation Center, which includes the Baystate Roads Program, the University of Massachusetts Traffic Safety Research Program (UMassSAFE) and newly formed Aviation Center, and is an Associate Director of the Arbella Insurance Human Performance Laboratory (HPL).  His main areas of research and teaching are related to transportation safety, operations, design, and education.  

Over the past 6 years Prof. Knodler has served as Principal Investigator for more than 30 research projects with over 12 different funding agencies totaling $7.0 million in research expenditures. He has authored more than 100 technical papers, conference proceedings, research reports, and book chapters.  Recently, he has conducted research on the topics of traffic safety analyses and crash data quality. He has also been the PI for the annual Massachusetts survey of seat belt usage and driver distraction. The annual survey includes direct observations at 140 locations and includes many roadway and demographic variables. As the UMass lead on the Safety Research Using Simulation (Safer-Sim) University Transportation Center, Prof. Knodler leads a collection of projects that use innovative technologies to investigate the intersection of human factors with roadway design and operations. 

Prof. Knodler is active with the Transportation Research Board and the Institute of Transportation Engineers. He is a member of the both the Traffic Control Devices (TCD) Committee and former member of the Highway Safety Workforce Development Subcommittee. Prof. Knodler is the Past Chair of ITE’s Northeastern District and the Immediate Past Chair of the ITE Education Council.

Professor Knodler was awarded the James L. Tighe teaching award in 2011, was selected as the College of Engineering Outstanding Teacher in 2013, and was selected as recipient of the Outstanding Researcher Award in 2015. 




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