Rivers and Roads Tier 2A Workshop

Course Description
The goal of the Rivers & Roads Training Program is to advance an understanding of fluvial geomorphology across the transportation sector, to ultimately develop and implement projects that improve the resiliency of the Commonwealth’s transportation network.  Fluvial geomorphology allows us to understand river shape and process, to predict channel responses/changes over time, and to design culverts, bridges and roadways that are more resilient to severe precipitation events.  

MassDOT Highway Division has based this training program off of the successful Vermont Rivers & Roads program, and has developed Massachusetts specific content through partnership with Milone & MacBroom, MA Division of Ecological Restoration, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, UMass Amherst, and MassDEP.

Target Audience
Anyone who manages, plans, designs or builds roadway infrastructure around rivers and roads.

MassDOT Rivers & Roads Program Overview

Tier 1:  A two-hour online course that provides an overview of rivers and the fundamentals of fluvial geomorphology.  (Prerequisite to Tier 2)
Take the Tier 1 training at: https://www.umasstransportationcenter.org/umtc/Rivers-and-Roads.asp 

Tier 2A:  A classroom session that includes interactive exercises and trainings on a model river flume table.  (Prerequisite to Tier 2B) 

Tier 2B:  Building upon Tier 2A content, this field component of the training program allows participants to identify river features in the field and advance their understanding of fluvial geomorphology.  This one-day session investigates channel cross section, profile, stability, and habitat at a healthy reference site and two to three projects sites. Future Tier 2B courses will be held spring 2020. 

Tier 3:  Topic specific one-day training modules to enable design and construction personnel to lead and implement projects.  Modules will include: grade control and bank stabilization; bridges and culverts; sediment and large wood; floodplains; and, municipal project development and implementation.
Tier 3 courses are tentatively planned for winter 2019-2020.

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