Pavement Preservation: Right Treatment, Right Time, Right Road - Blended Learning

The NEW UMTC/Baystate Roads Pavement Preservation: Right Treatment, Right Time, Right Road class is an exciting blend of self-paced modules and interactive live-streamed training!  A condensed version of our popular new classroom-based course, this blended version is approximately four hours long.

You'll start off by completing six bite-sized self-paced modules, that include: recorded instructor clips, PowerPoint PDFs, and a couple quizzes to assess your knowledge.  You will need to complete the online modules before attending the live zoom class session.


Module 1 - Course Introduction

Module 2 - Pavement Preservation 101: Reviewing the Basics

Module 3 - Preservation Treatment Options & Quiz

Module 4 - Pavement Distresses and Project Selection

Module 5 - Candidate Preparation and Treatment Selection & Quiz

Module 6 - Self-Paced Module Wrap-Up & Next Step 

Following this self-paced portion, all participants will meet in an approximately 2-hour virtual live-stream Zoom session, where instructor Robert Betsold will cover:

  • Overview and Recap the Self-Guided Modules
  • Economics of Pavement Preservation

  • Network Approach Example

  • Pavement Preservation Resources & Research

  • Implementing a Preservation Strategy

Upon completion of this blended course, participants should be able to identify the best practices for pavement preservation and management, explain the major benefits of having a pavement preservation strategy, and identify potential treatments for roads in distress.

Live Zoom Session (must complete online course first):

The link to the Zoom session is in Module 6


Robert Betsold is in Technical Marketing for All States Materials Group, working with municipal and state DOT agencies across the Northeast on pavement maintenance and preservation treatments, and a broad range of asphalt pavement topics from materials to construction.  He is active with local, regional and national industry organizations, including the Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership, NCAT/MnRoads, and the National Road Research Alliance, and has presented and instructed courses on a variety of pavement maintenance topics throughout the region.

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