AASHTO TC3 Hot In-Place Recycling: Self-paced Online

Description: Hot in-place recycling (HIR) is a pavement preservation and corrective maintenance technique that consists of heating and softening the existing asphalt pavement. When combined with an asphalt overlay, HIR can be classified as structural rehabilitation.

The HIR techniques described in this training provide owner agencies with cost-effective and sustainable methods to repair their aging pavements. HIR processes have been used on all functional classes of roadways. When properly designed, specified, and constructed, HIR methods can result in significant cost savings as compared to conventional maintenance operations, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

This training consists of three modules:

• Introduction to Hot In-Place Recycling;
• Pre-Production Inspection; and
• Full Production Pavement Recycling.

This course offers professional development hours (PDHs). You will see the PDHs on your course completion certificate, which also serves as documentation of your attendance. PDH requirements vary, therefore, it is up to you to determine whether or not this particular course qualifies under your State or board requirements.

Training level: This training is recommended for the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council levels I, II, III, and IV.

Target audience: This course is intended for local, county, and State owner agency technicians and inspectors. It is also useful for individuals who need awareness or basic understanding of hot in-place recycling.

Learning outcomes: Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

• Explain the purpose, benefits, and use of HIR;
• Identify the purpose and use of HIR mixture designs and equipment that are both common to all applications and those used for only specific applications
• Identify the preparation and planning steps necessary for an HIR application; and
• Describe the production, evaluation, and payment steps necessary for an HIR application.

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