Chainsaw Safety and Storm Damage Awareness Training - One Day

Classroom Portion Topics to Include:

  • Chainsaw Safety Features
  • PPE for saw operators
  • First Aid Kit requirements-OSHA 1910.266
  • Chainsaw Reactive Forces
  • Cutting Techniques
  • Danger Trees, Limbing, Pressures, Binds, Rolls and splits
  • Swamper/Helper Activities and Placement
  • Environmental Conditions
  •  Job Site Planning

Outside Demonstration Portion:

The instructor will use a previously felled trees or will fell one for this training.
Students in the class may or may not be afforded the opportunity to operate saws and or act as a Swamper/Helper.

Any student operating a saw will be required to don all necessary PPE. PPE will be inspected by the instructor prior to use, to confirm it is in serviceable condition.

  • The instructor will used the downed tree to demonstrate how to relieve pressures and binds.
  • The instructor will demonstrate how the use of notches and hinges should be used to lower trees and branches to the ground.

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