EDC Webinar: Road Diets (Roadway Configurations)

Four-lane undivided highways experience relatively high crash frequencies--especially between high-speed through traffic, left-turning vehicles and other road users. One option for addressing this safety concern is a Road Diet, which typically involves converting an existing four-lane undivided roadway segment to a three-lane segment consisting of two through lanes and a center two-way left-turn lane. This reconfiguration has many benefits: Safety. Road Diets can make the roadway environment safer for all users. Studies indicate a 19 to 47 percent reduction in overall crashes when a Road Diet is installed. For pedestrians, Road Diets result in fewer lanes to cross and provide an opportunity to install refuge islands. Low Cost. Road Diets make efficient use of limited roadway area. When planned in conjunction with reconstruction or simple overlay projects, the safety and operational benefits of Road Diets are achieved essentially for the cost of restriping pavement lanes. Quality of Life. Road Diets can make shar

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