Full Depth Reclamation with Asphalt Stabilization

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) with Injected Asphalt Stabilization is an engineered road rehabilitation process used much like traditional full depth reclamation. The difference between the processes is that by combining injected asphalt emulsion with the reclaimed pavement and base materials, a homogeneous and bound base layer is created. This creates a flexible base with increased structural capacity and greater fatigue resistance compared to an unstabilized reclaimed base. When planning for a potential reclamation project, FDR with Injected Asphalt Stabilization may provide a cost-effective alternative for improving the structure of the road base and increasing the life expectancy of the road.

This course will review the FDR with Injected Asphalt Stabilization process and its benefits, discuss the importance of lab testing for all reclamation projects, and will look at a variety of treatment options that can be placed over a road that has been reclaimed with stabilization. Additionally, the course will include a site visit to an active FDR with Injected Asphalt Stabilization project.

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