Concrete Sidewalk Roundtable

During our hands-on classes the participants had many questions related to the specifications, materials and placement of concrete sidewalks including -

  • How thick should the sidewalk be? Four or six inches?
  • Should we use gravel, sand or stone as a base course?
  • What strength concrete should we use?
  • What is air entrainment?
  • How do fibers in the mix work?
  • When should we use wire mesh?
  • How do additives work?
  • Is testing important?
  • How much water is too much?
  • Should I spray water on the concrete to stop it from setting up?
  • What is the difference between a wood, a steel and a magnesium float?
  • How far apart should the expansion joints be?
  • When is it too hot or too cold to pour concrete?
  • Should we put a layer of plastic under the sidewalk?
  • Should we cover the sidewalk while it cures?
  • How do salt and anti-icing chemicals affect concrete?
  • What is the difference between cement and concrete?

Come and join in the discussion. Bring your questions and your experiences. You will gain valuable knowledge that will lead to better sidewalks, whether you pour them with your own crews or are overseeing installation by a contractor.

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