Complete Streets 301: Transit Street Design (Virtual)

Date: 9/9/2020 9:00 AM - 9/10/2020 11:00 AM

Location: Virtual






This training will provide an overview of street design tools and strategies to support more effective transit systems, and facilitate safe movement for all users of an urban street. Topics will include access to transit through multi-modal networks, transit supportive bus stops, and transit street/intersection design. A hands-on design charrette for a transit corridor.


Attendees will receive a link to register via Zoom after registering here. Please register on Zoom to receive the link for this meeting. 

Note: These 300 training series are shorter, topic focused discussions, meant as additional Complete Streets resources.  Alone, this  training does not fulfill the Complete Streets training obligation for eligibility in the Complete Streets Program. 


COVID policy update
We are required to consider the safety of our attendees during these virtual classroom trainings. As such, the following policy has been implemented for the safety of all of our participants.
Please remember:
If any participants will be sharing a screen for the coming class, inform the training coordinator, Brenda Codella at, ahead of time. - UMTC can send circular discs to towns/departments to mark distances, mail masks and trial size hand sanitizers if needed.
There will be a Safety Briefing at the beginning of the training session to announce these protocols, to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.
If participants are in the same room:
Participants must be 6’ apart and wearing masks. (UMTC team members have been told to stop a class if they see that these requirements are not being followed)
Virtual meeting video must be turned on when possible to increase interaction, confirm attendance, and encourage social distancing

First Name Affiliation
Cassandra MassDOT
Stephen MassDOT District 5
Constance Private Citizen
Emily Safe Routes to School
Grace Mass Commission for Blind
Justin BETA Group, Inc.
Tyler BETA Group, Inc.
Michael Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
Steven Sasaki Associates
Steven City of Lone Tree
Adriaunna Environmental Partners Group, Inc.
Cameron Jacobs
Raymond AECOM
Benny Environmental Partners Group, Inc.
Amy Howard Stein Hudson
Elizabeth TEC, Inc. (MA)
John Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (MA)
Soni Tetra Tech, Inc.
Jason VHB
Carolyn Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (MA)
Richard Jacobs
Steve Environmental Partners Group, Inc.
Karalyn Sasaki
Jonathan MDM Transportation Consultants
Jill The Carroll Center
David Watson Active, LLC
Wing Green International Affiliates
Rik Town of Provincetown
Abi City of Boston
Tom Town of Dennis
Seth Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS)
Viola City of Somerville
Jennifer City of New Bedford Planning Department
Paul Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC)
Cindy MA Commission for the Blind (MCB)
Glenn Ann Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT)
Mary Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS)
Chavella Madison Park Development Corp
John Town of Lexington DPW
Tanya Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)
Henry University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass)
Laurie Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC)
Albert Massachusetts Port Authority (MassPort)
Dawn City of Northampton
Sheila Town of Lexington
Jeffrey Department of Conservation and Recreation
Brian City of Worcester
Kathy Brockton Area Transit Authority (BAT)
Meg MA Commission for the Blind (MCB)
Bob Town of Templeton DPW
Alfredo City of Newton
Chenyuan Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS)
Franklin North Carolina DOT
  • Conor Semler
    Senior Planner at Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
  • Caitlin Tobin
    PE, Senior Engineer at Kittelson & Associates, Inc.