All About Liquid Deicers -Bellingham

Date: 11/3/2022 7:30 AM - 11/3/2022 3:00 PM

Location: Bellingham PD Training Room
30 Blackstone St

Bellingham, Massachusetts



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Course Description

“All About Liquids” This class will walk you through the process for setting up an effectively implementing a liquid anti-icing program. Expert speakers will share valuable real world experience and knowledge.

Target Audience

This workshop will benefit individuals, from equipment operators to selectmen, who are involved in the treatment and decision making processes for roadway deicing.


Mike Smith
Michael Smith is the Baystate Roads Technical Training Specialist. He was a Highway Superintendent for 20 years where he developed and implemented modern road maintenance techniques. Mike can be reached at:

Marc Valenti
Marc is currently the Manager of Operations for the Lexington Dept. of Public Works in Massachusetts. During his tenure at Lexington, the Town has been able to transform their winter liquid operation to one that mirrors some of the best around the country. 

Kevin Collins 
Kevin is the Assistant Director of Public Works for the Town of Westminster. He was the General Foreman for the Wellesley DPW for 27 years. Kevin got involved in liquids in 2003 and still learns more each season. 

Shane Mark
Shane is the Director of Streets, for the City of Newton.

7:30 am Registration/8:00 am Class


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  • Michael Smith
    Technical Training Specialist at UMass Transportation Center (UMTC)