Rivers and Roads Tier 2A Workshop-Westfield

Date: 11/20/2019 8:00 AM - 11/20/2019 3:00 PM

Location: Westfield State University
577 Western Avenue, Westfield
Scanlon Hall, Banquet Room C
Westfield, Massachusetts




Course Description
The goal of the Rivers & Roads Training Program is to advance an understanding of fluvial geomorphology across the transportation sector, to ultimately develop and implement projects that improve the resiliency of the Commonwealth’s transportation network.  Fluvial geomorphology allows us to understand river shape and process, to predict channel responses/changes over time, and to design culverts, bridges and roadways that are more resilient to severe precipitation events.  

MassDOT Highway Division has based this training program off of the successful Vermont Rivers & Roads program, and has developed Massachusetts specific content through partnership with Milone & MacBroom, MA Division of Ecological Restoration, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, UMass Amherst, and MassDEP.

Target Audience
Anyone who manages, plans, designs or builds roadway infrastructure around rivers and roads.

** Prerequisite to Tier 2 **

Tier 1:  A two-hour online course that provides an overview of rivers and the fundamentals of fluvial geomorphology. 
Take the Tier 1 training at: https://www.umasstransportationcenter.org/umtc/Rivers-and-Roads.asp 

(WSU parking permits will be provided)

See the course flyer for more information.
First Name Affiliation
Jean Tighe & Bond
Elizabeth Tighe & Bond
Daniel Tighe & Bond
Matt Epsilon Associates
Stephanie McMahon Associates
Mason Tighe & Bond
Alyson Green International Affiliates
Christina Tighe & Bond
Mary Tighe & Bond
Michael City of Agawam
Brett Department of Conservation and Recreation
Jeremy City of Westfield
Patty Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC)
Kristina DCR Quabbin Watershed
Angela Town of Palmer
Robert City of Holyoke
Emily Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (PVPC)
Matthew Town of Chesterfield
Johanna City of Northampton
Cassie City of Greenfield
Marlo City of Greenfield
  • Heidi Davis
    Environmental Analyst at MA Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)
  • Tim Dexter
    at MassDOT

    Tim Dexter, MS, Fish and Wildlife Supervisor for MassDOT Highway Division Environmental Services.

  • Christine Hatch
    Associate Extension Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass)
  • Jessica Louisos
    Water Resource Engineer at Milone & MacBroom


  • Douglas Osborne
    Water Resource Engineer at Milone & MacBroom


  • Roy Schiff
    Regional Manager, Water Resources at Milone & MacBroom


  • Noah Slovin
    at Milone & MacBroom