AASHTO TC3 Plan Reading: Self-paced Online

Date: 10/25/2021 - 12/31/2022

Location: Online





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Course Description

The ability to read plans is essential for anyone involved in highway or bridge construction. This FHWA sponsored training contains modules covering both basic plan reading instructions as well as providing a more in-depth level of instruction for anyone seeking more information and/or a review of plan reading. Select any or all 8 of the modules through AASHTO’s Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3) library. 

*Once you register here, you'll be emailed detailed instructions on how to access the courses.

Module 1: Highway Plan Reading Basics (TC3CN009-15-T1) - This module describes the foundational information needed to begin reading and understanding highway plans. This includes an overview of the title page and its components, station numbers, townships, and quantity estimates.

Module 2: Grading Plans (TC3CN010-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in the Grading Plans section of a highway plan.

Module 3: Traffic Control Plans (TC3CN011-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in the Traffic Control Plans section of a highway plan.

Module 4: Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (TC3CN012-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in the Erosion and Sediment Control Plans section of a highway plan.

Module 5: Right of Way Plans (TC3CN013-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in Right-of-Way Plans for a highway project.

Module 6: County Plans (TC3CN014-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in a county plan.

Module 7: Bridge Plans (TC3CN015-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in a bridge plan.

Module 8: Culvert Plans (TC3CN016-15-T1) - This module reviews the information found in a culvert plan.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Recognize plan sheets for highway, county, bridge, and culvert construction;
• Recognize station locations and calculate, cross-section, profile, and plan views as well as centerline location, point of intersection, and a variety of plan details;
• Recognize the plan sheet for all parts of both a bridge substructure and superstructure; and
• Comprehend the terminology and symbols used when reading plans.

Target Audience

Course is open to public sector employees only. This training is designed for those involved in the construction process and/or maintenance activities of highways and/or highway structures. It is applicable to anyone desiring a better understanding of plan reading.



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