Preparing for an OSHA Inspection - WEBINAR

Date: 4/22/2019 12:00 PM - 4/22/2019 1:00 PM

Location: WEBINAR





Course Description 
This webinar is a collaboration between the Department of Labor Standards and Baystate Roads. It will include an overview of the updated law, the DLS inspection process, questions about reporting, and where to start to prepare for an inspection. In addition, the course will highlight some of specific areas of concern that are typical in city/town highway departments or DPW’s.  There will be opportunity for Q & A at the end of the webinar. 

Target Audience
Cities and Towns who want to know what to expect from and how to prepare for an OSHA inspection by the Department of Labor Standards (DLS). 

There in no cost for this webinar.

Webinar session information will be included in the registration approval email after registering for the webinar.

First Name Affiliation
Jose City of Northampton DPW
William City of Northampton DPW
Larissa Private Citizens
Mike City of Northampton
Michael Town of Tyngsborough
Ira Town of Goshen
Leonard City of Woburn
Scott Auburn Water District
Michael Town of Stow
Martin Town of Lanesborough Highway Department
James City of Marlborough
Manny Town of Hingham
William Town of Lanesborough
John City of Agawam
Timothy Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project (CMMCP)
Todd Town of Goshen
Karen UMTC UMass Amherst
Chris City of Woburn
Thomas Town of Stoughton
Cole UMTC UMass Amherst
Adam Town of Douglas
David Town of Westford
Jeff Town of Hingham
Brian Town of Stow
James Town of Tyngsborough
Timothy Town of Williamstown
Kurt Town of Hanover
Robert Town of East Bridgewater
Tim Town of Harvard
Bernard Auburn Water District
Mitchell Town of Gill
Dan City of Northampton
Christopher Town of Williamstown
Bruce Town of Whitman
Steve Town of Hingham
Mike Town of Hingham
Erik Town of Reading
Joanna Town of Auburn DPW
Richard City of Northampton
Sherry Town of Sunderland
William City of Peabody
Cyndi City of Northampton
Moises City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure
Ed Town of Williamstown
Michael Town of Belmont
Megan Town of Barnstable
Vic Town of Great Barrington
Charlie Town of Halifax
Brendan City of Northampton
Matthew Town of Chesterfield
Kenneth Auburn Water District
Keith City of Northampton
Pete Town of Great Barrington
david City of Northampton
Michael Town of Lexington DPW
Andrew Town of Tewksbury
Justine Town of Stow
Karen Town of Acton
Randy Town of Hingham
Robert Town of Whitman
Jaime Town of Stoughton DPW
David City of Northampton
Aldo UMTC UMass Amherst
Liz Town of Hingham
Corey Town of Acton
  • Mary Dozois
    Supervisor, Workplace Safety & Health for Public Employees at MA DLS Workplace Safety & Health Program
  • Michael Flanagan
    at MA DLS Workplace Safety & Health Program