Massachusetts Project Intake Tool (MaPIT) - Boston

Date: 6/5/2019 9:00 AM - 6/5/2019 12:00 PM

Location: MassDOT District 6 Offices
185 Kneeland St

Boston, Massachusetts




This three-hour workshop serves to both introduce and reacquaint participants with the Massachusetts Project Intake Tool (MaPIT). MaPIT is a web-based application that streamlines the project initiation procedure and is the primary interface for all MassDOT Highway Division projects. This workshop will include instructor-led step-by-step software training and demonstrations. Features and benefits of MaPIT include:

• Automatic screening against all relevant GIS layers:
- Existing facility information
- Condition of assets
- Mobility & Bike/Ped
- Safety
- Economic
- Social equity
- Environmental

• Different workflows for various project types, including TIP-funded roadway projects and Safe Routes to School 

• Maps your project location for DOT and public viewing

• Automatic transfer of information to MassDOT

• Saves entry time for forms and applications, allowing you to reference geoprocessing

• Paperless and easy to track where you are in the approval processOnce approved, your project is assigned a number and your information is automatically transferred to the MassDOT Project Info Software System

• Expedites project initiation, environmental permitting, scoring, and project delivery

First Name Affiliation
Thomas MassDOT
Christopher MassDOT District 6
Luka MassDOT
Jeremy MassDOT
Courtney MassDOT District 6
Stephen Nitsch Engineering
Brett Stantec
Matt Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization
Birendra Nitsch Engineering
Raymond AECOM
Charles AQCA
Jacqueline Nitsch Engineering
Douglas Kleinfelder Inc. Boston
Antonio WSP
James Kleinfelder, Inc. (Boston)
James Kleinfelder, Inc. (Boston)
Bryan Nitsch Engineering
Abateneh City of Boston
Daniel Town of Arlington
Michael FHWA MA
Kenneth FHWA MA
Jared Town of Brookline
Todd Town of Brookline
Dan Town of Brookline
Michael FHWA MA
William Town of Brookline
  • Lyris Bauduy-Liautaud
    Assistant Highway Design Engineer at MassDOT
  • Michael Bolduc
    Transportation Planner at MassDOT District 2

    Michael Bolduc is a 13 year veteran of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Geographic Information Systems, Michael worked in the private sector as a GIS technician before being employed at MassDOT’s Boston headquarters as a GIS specialist. In 2014, Michael became a Transportation Planner in MassDOT’s Northampton office, where he helps to initiate, plan, and find funding for projects in District 2 while retaining his GIS duties statewide. He is co-project manager of the Massachusetts Project Intake Tool, a GIS-based website designed to help both State and municipal proponents initiate highway projects while screening against relevant GIS layers.

  • Andrew Paul
    Highway Design Engineer at MassDOT