MaPIT 4.2 - Chicopee

Date: 6/22/2022 9:00 AM - 6/22/2022 12:00 PM

Location: UMass Aviation Research and Training Center
27 Lonczak St.

Chicopee, Massachusetts




This class is intended for new MaPIT users planning to initiate Federally Funded roadway and bicycle projects; conversely it can also act as a refresher course for existing users. This class will instruct users on how to utilize the Highway Project Workflows for Federally Funded projects and as such these trainings are NOT intended for those who only use MaPIT or State Aid projects (such as Chapter 90, Complete Streets, and Small Bridge grant awards).

Some features of MaPIT you will learn about include:

  • Interactive forms
  • Targeted questions to establish a richer project scope
  • GIS layers to alert project proponent to new opportunities, risks and areas of interest
  • Dynamic alerts for potential permitting requirements, action items, and supplemental information
  • Option to upload supporting documentation
  • Improved alignment with MassDOT scoring criteria



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No Cost
Register by 6/22/2022
Public Sector


If you are having trouble registering, please email or call (413) 545-2604 for assistance.

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