Rivers & Roads Tier 2A & 2B Workshop - Newton

Date: 9/4/2024 8:00 AM - 9/5/2024 3:00 PM

Location: Mt Ida Campus
100 Carlson Ave
Campus Center Auditorium – Lower Level
Newton, Massachusetts




road washout by storm and river

Course Description:
The goal of the Rivers & Roads Training Program is to advance an understanding of fluvial geomorphology across the transportation sector, to ultimately develop and implement projects that improve the resiliency of the Commonwealth’s transportation network. Fluvial geomorphology, the study of river shape and form in the landscape, allows us to understand why rivers look and behave the way they do, to predict the shape and response of stream channels over time and during large storms. With this knowledge, we can design culverts, bridges and roadways that are more resilient to severe precipitation events.
MassDOT Highway Division has based this training program off of the successful Vermont Rivers & Roads program and has developed Massachusetts specific content through partnership with SLR, MA Division of Ecological Restoration, MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, UMass Amherst, and MA Department of Environmental Protection. This workshop is a one-day classroom session that includes interactive exercises and trainings on a model river flume table. As a prerequisite, participants are required to complete the Tier 1 online introductory training on rivers and the fundamentals of fluvial geomorphology (https://www.umasstransportationcenter.org/umtc/Rivers-and-Roads.asp; approx. 2 hrs).
MassDOT Rivers & Roads Program Overview

Prerequisite to Tier 2A

Tier 1:  A two-hour online video course that provides an overview of rivers and the fundamentals of fluvial geomorphology. https://www.umasstransportationcenter.org/umtc/Rivers-and-Roads.asp  (self-paced; must be taken prior to class date)

Tiers 2A & 2B (must be taken together)

Tier 2A (Day 1):  A classroom session that includes interactive exercises and trainings on a model river flume table.

Tier 2B (Day 2):  Building upon Tier 2A content, this field component of the training program allows participants to identify river features in the field and advance their understanding of fluvial geomorphology.  This one-day session investigates channel cross section, profile, stability, and habitat at a healthy reference site and two to three projects sites.

Day 2 Locations and class times will be announced ASAP.

Target Audience:
Anyone who manages, plans, designs or builds roadway infrastructure around rivers and roads.

Accommodations for Disabilities: UMTC endeavors to provide an inclusive learning environment for all. If you require special services or arrangements to fully participate in this workshop, please email Stephanie Cottrell or Mary Ann Donze call 413-800-2655/413-687-2069 at least 14 days prior to the event. Such services are provided free of charge.

Also, if you have any dietary restrictions, please inform Stephanie at least 10 days prior to the event.


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First Name Affiliation
Jose MassDOT District 6
Oxana Green International Affiliates
Andrew Green International Affiliates
Eric Pare Corporation (RI)
Joshua Green International Affiliates
Joseph Town of Andover
Sarah MassDEP
Nathan Town of Plymouth
Rebecca MA Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)
Matthew Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC)
David MA Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)
Emily MA Audubon Society (MassAudubon)
Robert Division of Ecological Restoration
Allison MA Division of Ecological Restoration
  • Tim Dexter
    at MassDOT

    Tim began his career at MassDOT in 2008, after completing his master’s degree in Environmental Studies - Conservation Biology from Antioch University New England, where he studied moose and deer use of vernal pools. Tim has previously worked as a fisheries technician, ecology camp coordinator, and a woods survival instructor. While Tim has enjoyed working on many projects at MassDOT, his favorites are those that "result in multiple benefits to the transportation network, communities and the environment." Tim says that "these types of projects really exemplify MassDOT's mission to provide safe, reliable infrastructure that strengthens our economy and quality of life."

    In his new role as Environmental Program Engineer for Major Projects, Tim is most looking forward to assisting with strategic environmental initiatives to support the advertising program, and helping the Environmental Services Section grow and develop staff. Tim hopes to provide "the same level of exceptional mentorship" that he has received from MassDOT mentors throughout the years. When Tim isn't providing critical services for complex permitting projects or improving passage for fish and wildlife, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family fishing, camping, gardening, hiking, and coaching.

  • Jessica Louisos
    Water Resource Engineer at SLR Consulting (CT)

    Jessica is a Senior Water Resources Engineer with SLR International Corporation, specializing in flood resiliency, aquatic organism passage, stormwater planning and design, flood mitigation, and restoration of rivers, floodplains, and habitat.  Jessica’s water resource work helps communities be more resilient to hazards and our river systems function more naturally.  She completes project work and teaches courses on reducing our river – road conflicts. 

    Jessica graduated from the University of Vermont, having received a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2004 and a MS in Environmental Engineering in 2006.  She currently serves as Treasurer for the Vermont Section of WTS, Government Relations Chair of the Vermont Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and Chair of the South Burlington Planning Commission.  She received the Vermont Young Engineer of the Year Award in 2013.  She loves creating pottery, sewing, and reading by the woodstove.  And anything outside including swimming, hiking, skiing, canoeing, and camping with her husband and dog Ginger.

  • Dave Paulson
    Wildlife and Endangered Species Unit Supervisor at MassDOT
  • Roy Schiff
    Principal Water Resources Engineer & Scientist at SLR Consulting (CT)
    Roy is a Water Resource Scientist and Engineer with SLR. He received his PhD in Aquatic
    Ecosystem Studies from the Yale School of the Environmental in 2005 and his M.S. in Civil and
    Environmental Engineering from University of Washington in 1996. Roy is a licensed
    Professional Engineer and frequently works on resiliency and restoration projects in river-road
    conflict areas.