Photo of Robin Riessman

Robin Riessman

Director, UMassSafe

Robin, who has been with UMassSafe since its inception in 2001, has been extremely instrumental in visualizing, strategizing and implementing the myriad of UMassSafe programs. She has worked in the field of highway safety for nearly 30 years including as the Associate and then Deputy Director of UMassSafe for 17 years.  As the UMassSafe Deputy Director, and Principal Investigator for many research projects, she has been responsible for the oversight of staff, projects, research, strategic planning, grant writing and management, and project evaluation. As Director, her role includes overall strategic and operational responsibilities for UMassSafe staff, programs, expansions and execution of its mission.  

Contact information:

Robin E. Riessman
Director, UMassSafe
UMass Transportation Center
Civil & Environmental Engineering
142 Marston Hall