Highway/Construction Surveying - Lenox

Date: 4/25/2017 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Location: MassDOT District 1
270 Main Street
Lenox, Massachusetts




This workshop will introduce participants to the most common measurement techniques encountered in the highway and construction environment. Topics will include Taping, Electronic Distance Measurement, Instrument set up, Leveling, and Angular Measurements.

More advanced topics will be introduced, such as GPS, and GIS, if time allows.

Hands on Lab Exercises will include:
Testing the accuracy of Leveling Equipment. 
Calculating & Laying out grade stakes for roadways, gutters, curbs, and pipelines.
Introduction to the Total Station, and Topographic Surveying.

Participants are welcome to bring in surveying equipment they have access to, for class inspection and discussion. In addition, their equipment can be checked out for condition and accuracy.

Contact Baystate Roads for additional information at: admin@umasstransportationcenter.org
Maximum class size is 10. 

See the course brochure for additional information.


First Name Affiliation
Aziz MassDOT District 2
Justin MassDOT District 1
Catherine MassDOT District 1
Kyle MassDOT District 1
Jiang MassDOT District 1
Joshua MassDOT District 1
Richard MassDOT District 1
Angela MassDOT District 1
Scott MassDOT District 1
Edward MassDOT District 1