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Francis Tainter selected for the Eno Leadership Development Conference

UMass graduate student Francis Tainter was selected for the Eno Leadership Development Conference.

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Fleet of Snow Sensors Assists Fleet of Snow Plows

Effective snow and ice removal depends on knowing the conditions of roadways in advance of a coming storm. Harnessing this information in an effective and efficient manner allows MassDOT to adequately plan their counter measures and schedule treatments of roadways.

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GreenDOT Strives to Decrease Green House Gases Through Driver Safety

The transportation sector of the United States generates a significant amount of greenhouse gases (28%), fatalities (34,000) and injuries (2.2 million) on an annual basis.

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Analysis of Driver Behavior and Operations Intersection Short Lanes

With the ever increasing demand to add roadway capacity in a safe and efficient manner, the application of intersection short lanes has increased in recent years. 

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