Class 2A-4A Hoisting CEU - Chicopee

Date: 5/31/2017 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Chicopee Senior Center
5 W Main St.
Chicopee, Massachusetts




Mandatory License Information Required

All currently licensed individuals will must provide their current Massachusetts Hoisting License number and a valid email address with registration. Please use the link below to submit your license information.

Hoisting License Information Form

This course will provide the required CEUs for any Class 2 or Class 4 Hoisting License. Topics covered are all MGLs and CMRs as required by the Department of Public Safety as well as operational guides for hoisting machinery. Although this is a CEU class, it is also an excellent way to prepare for the Massachusetts hoisting exam.

Who Should Attend

Municipal workers who operate Class 2 and Class 4 hoisting machinery and are required to fulfill the continuing education requirements to renew the Hoisting Machinery License.

This workshop is open to municipal employees only.  

Please see the course brochure for additional information.

This event is accessible to people with disabilities and individuals with limited English proficiency. If you need a reasonable accommodation (such as American Sign Language Interpreters, assistive listening devices, handouts in alternate formats, etc.) and/or language assistance (such as translated documents or an interpreter) to fully participate, please contact Cindy Schaedig at 413-577-2762 or at least 14 days prior to the event.  Such services are provided free of charge.

First Name Affiliation
Jack City of Chicopee
Nathan City of Chicopee
Roman City of Chicopee
David Town of Westhampton
Daniel City of Chicopee
Edwin Town of Belchertown
Mike City of Chicopee
Joseph Town of Otis
Scott Town of Chesterfield
Daniel City of Chicopee
Jeff City of Chicopee
Michael Town of Brookfield
Mike City of Chicopee
Paul City of Chicopee
Frank City of Chicopee
Donald Town of Brookfield
Bill Town of Westhampton
Jeff City of Chicopee
Pete City of Chicopee
Timothy City of Chicopee
David City of Chicopee
Erick City of Chicopee
Dana Town of Granville
Perry City of Chicopee
chris City of Chicopee
David City of Chicopee
Morris City of Chicopee
Kyle Town of Otis
Daniel City of Chicopee
MARK City of Chicopee
Daniel City of Chicopee
Carl City of Chicopee
Scott Town of Westhampton
Robert City of Chicopee
Rich City of Chicopee
Albert City of Chicopee