New HMA Pavement Specifications for Municipalities: Chapter 90 Mixtures-Boston (Rescheduled from 3-14-18)

Date: 5/22/2018 8:30 AM - 3:15 PM

Location: MassDOT District 6 Offices
185 Kneeland Street
Boston, Massachusetts




Rescheduled from March 14, 2018 

 *Please note: Start time is 8:30 AM. Building opens at 8:00 AM.

Session Description

MassDOT will present its new HMA Pavement specifications designed for Municipal use, with special attention given to Chapter 90 projects. The discussion will highlight major changes from current specifications, including requirements for: Superpave mix designs, what materials can go into the mix, plant and field equipment, and Contractor and Engineer responsibilities. Attendees will gain the knowledge required to implement these new specifications and meet Chapter 90 requirements as related to HMA pavement.

Target Audience

This program is designed for Municipal personnel whose responsibilities include engineering, construction oversight, or procuring contracts related to pavement resurfacing.  DOT and Consultant personnel involved with Chapter 90 projects will also benefit.

*This session is open to 4 MassDOT personnel

Session Outline

Recipe Mixes vs. Superpave
Superpave Mixtures
- Volumetrics
- Warm Mix Asphalt
- Asphalt Modifiers and Polymers
MassDOT HMA Specifications
- Mix Design Requirements
- Plant Requirements
- Laboratory Requirements
- Inspection and Testing
- Contractor’s Responsibilities
- Engineer’s Responsibilities
- Field Requirements
- Tack Coat
- Compaction
- Inspection and Testing
- Contractor’s Responsibilities
- Engineer’s Responsibilities

Please see the course flyer for more information.

First Name Affiliation
Owen MassDOT Aeronautics Division
Gregg P.J. Keating Company
Peter P.J. Keating Company
Christopher Kleinfelder, Inc. (Boston)
Patricia T.L. Edwards, Inc.
Kevin T.L. Edwards, Inc.
Stephen T.L. Edwards, Inc.
Stephen Nitsch Engineering
Antonio City of Cambridge
Heather VHB
William Lorusso Corporation
Mike Aggregate Industries
Peter P.J. Keating Company
Ed P.J. Keating Company
Karl Aggregate Industries
Lenny T.L. Edwards, Inc.
Bill John Turner Consulting, Inc. (MA)
Abateneh City of Boston
Robert City of Boston
Bob City of New Bedford
Robert Town of Braintree
Rafael City of Boston
Gerry City of Waltham, CPWD
Sean Town of Oxford
Troy City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure
Jared Town of Oxford
Marc Town of Andover
Mark Town of Dracut
Thomas City of Boston
Adam City of New Bedford
Melissa City of Cambridge
Alex City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure
Yaser Town of Saugus
Steve Town of Andover
Matt Town of Lexington DPW
Matthew City of Newton DPW
  • Mark Brum
    Materials Quality Systems Engineer at MassDOT Research & Materials

    Mr. Brum is a Materials Quality Assurance Engineer for MassDOT.  He has 10 years of experience in HMA pavement mix designs, construction and Quality Assurance. 

  • Edmund Naras
    Pavement Management Engineer at MassDOT

    Mr. Naras is the Pavement Management Engineer for MassDOT.  He has more than 28 years of experience in pavement management, design, construction and Quality Assurance of asphalt pavements.