Municipal Culvert Assessment - Hanover

Date: 5/17/2018 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Location: Hanover Highway Garage
219 Winter Street
Hanover, Massachusetts




Course Description

Do you know the location and condition of all the culverts in your municipality? Are they free flowing, half blocked, completely blocked, structurally sound, deteriorated, straight, crooked or a combination of all of these conditions? Have you created an annual budget for culvert repair and replacement based on a condition assessment?

This workshop will show you how to collect and catalog the information to identify which crossings provide a safe unrestricted flow through the structure and the traveling public over the structure and which crossings are a risk now or in the near future to aquatic, motor vehicle and pedestrian passage. Please wear sturdy boots and bring PPE such as safety vest, safety glasses and work gloves.

Target Audience

The Culvert Condition Assessment Manual and Culvert Assessment Form are designed to be used by any member of a municipal public works department. Feel free to send the entire department or just one member who can then teach the others.

Registration 8:00 am, Class begins at 8:30 am

See the course flyer for more information


First Name Affiliation
Shaun City of Quincy
Craig City of Quincy
Joshua City of Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
Eric City of Quincy
Keith Town of Randolph
Greg Town of Easton
  • Jeff Cathcart
    Consultant at UMTC UMass Amherst

    Jeff Cathcart has assisted public works departments, DOTs and private entities with their roadway, pavement, departmental and training needs for over 30 years. He has built, rebuilt, reclaimed, recycled, maintained and preserved roadways and pavements in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida.