Micro-Training Pilot Program *Free*

Date: 5/7/2018 - 5/6/2019 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM






Course Description

Baystate Roads is pleased to present new micro-training opportunities!  We are working with a number of sources to identify short training segments on a variety of topics.  Micro-segments (<5-30 min. long) can be viewed as stand-alone ‘quick hit’ training opportunities, while others may be assigned as pre-requisites to upcoming classes you have registered for.  View from your computer, iPad, or cell phone; between calls, field work, or during lunch with co-workers.  

We are offering the opportunity to participate in a FREE online Micro-Training Pilot Program, offering two-three new short training segments quarterly.

Register today to watch the current online training segments:
 ▪ Pavement Marking Basics
 ▪ Prevent Pavement Marking Cheating
 ▪ Window of Opportunity in Pavement Maintenance
 ▪ Best Safety Practices When Using PASER in the Field
 ▪ Concepts of Transportation Asset Management

A link will be included in your registration confirmation email. You will be required to log into the UMTC website with your username and password to view the videos. 

We ask that you take a moment to fill out the Micro-Training Survey after watching the videos.

Micro-training survey

Remember you only have to register once to have access to new videos added, as well as any previous videos. 

More Micro-Trainings Coming!

November 2018
• Speed Wastes Salt; The Proof is in the Numbers (10 min)
• The Science and Art of Roadway Ice Control (12 min)

February 2019
• Pavement Temperature Basics (TBD)
• Pothole Repair (TBD)




No Cost
Register by 5/7/2019
Private Sector


No Cost
Register by 5/7/2019
Public Sector


Register by 5/7/2019


If you need to register people other than yourself, call us at 413-545-2604 and we’ll make you a Registration Manager.

First Name Affiliation
Daryl MassDOT District 2
Cody MassDOT District 4
Patrick MassRIDES
Cindy MassDOT District 5
Hongyan (Lily) MassDOT
Misrak MassDOT District 4
Caseylee BSC Group, Inc. (Main Office)
Stacey WalkBoston
Thomas Green International Affiliates
Nicolas VHB
Dan Washington State DOT
Luciana Stantec
Wlliam CDM Smith (RI)
Alexander Tighe & Bond
Adriaunna Environmental Partners Group, Inc.
Karen Chappell Engineering Associates, LLC
Darryl VHB
Kshitij Private Citizen
Robert New Hampshire DOT Traffic Bureau
Matthew Howard Stein Hudson, Boston (HSH)
Brendan WalkBoston
Wayne Design Consultants, Inc. (Somerville)
Janhavi Howard Stein Hudson Boston HSH
Joseph Town of Millbury
Joseph Palmer Paving Corporation
Jill Stantec
Radu Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Cristy Fuss & O'Neill Inc. (Springfield)
Richard Private Citizen
Ana Class, Inc.
Jonathan TEC, Inc. (MA)
John Acus Learning Systems, LLC
Jason Town of Longmeadow Engineering
Steve Design Consultants, Inc. (Somerville)
Nick University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass)
William Milone & MacBroom
Ellen Patrick Engineering, Inc.
Teren Howard Stein Hudson, Boston (HSH)
Can UMTC UMass Amherst
Chris UMTC UMass Amherst
Brian Town of Natick
Paul City of Cambridge DPW
Daniel Town of Arlington
Tom Town of Dennis
James City of Amesbury
Elika Town of Weston
Keith Town of Whately
Richard Town of Westford
Thomas Town of Merrimac
Garrett Town of Hatfield
Steve Town of Ashby
Mark Town of Peru
Debra Town of Carlisle
Tom Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) Boston Chapter
Richard City of Lowell
Thomas Town of Warren
Scott Town of Phillipston
Travis Town of Hubbardston
Glenn Town of Amherst
Fran City of Westfield
Ken Town of Weston
Cynthia Town of Marion
Robert Town of Braintree
Michael Town of Wellesley
Tim Town of Chilmark
Maggie City of Northampton
Joseph Town of Monroe (CT)
Chester Town of Tewksbury
Michael City of Waltham
Jim Town of Littleton
David Town of Wellesley DPW
Mike City of Beverly
Brian Town of Sturbridge
Carl MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA)
Rick Town of Yarmouth
Todd Town of Goshen
John Town of Natick
Karen UMTC UMass Amherst
Chris City of Woburn
Mary MA Department of Labor Standards (DLS)
Michael City of Greenfield
Chris City of Waltham
Chuck Town of Danvers DPW Street
Dave Town of Washington
Terry Town of Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee
John Town of East Bridgewater
Dennis Town of Orleans
Mark Town of Dracut
Kevin Town of Tewksbury
Adam City of New Bedford
Matthew City of Framingham
R. Halifax Highway Dept.
David Town of Dartmouth
Tom Town of Washington
Kurt Town of Hanover
Robert Town of East Bridgewater
Adam City of Framingham
Joe City of Westfield
Tim Town of Harvard
Dick Town of Athol
Charles Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC)
Billy Town of Spencer
Paul City of Newton DPW
Jerry Town of Wilmington
Amy City of Fitchburg
Sarah City of Boston
George Rhode Island DOT
John Town of Lexington DPW
John Town of West Stockbridge
Mike Town of Hopkinton DPW
David Town of Phillipston
Kenneth Town of Barnstable
Wayne Town of Lexington DPW
Ricardo City of Pittsfield
Ross Town of Lexington DPW
Mark Town of Arlington
Greg City of Northampton
Tam City of Framingham
Chike City of Brockton
Bryan Town of Williamsburg
Melissa City of Newton
Emily Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans)
William City of Peabody
Donald Town of Egremont
Elena City of Melrose
Milagros City of Lawrence
Robert Central Mass Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC)
Barbara Town of Canton
Leigh Town of Townsend
Nick Town of Shrewsbury
Michael Town of Brewster
Justin Town of Peru
Kevin Town of Deerfield
Cynthia UMTC UMass Amherst
Marilyn FTA Region 1 (MA)
Scott Town of Falmouth
Mark City of Medford
Barry Rhode Island DOT
Matthew Town of Chesterfield
Michael UMTC UMass Amherst
Adam Town of Washington
Michael Town of Lexington DPW
Andrew Town of Tewksbury
Matt Town of Sutton
Chris Town of Littleton
David Town of Rockland
Richard Town of Phillipston
Vincent Town of Shrewsbury
Steven Cape Cod Commission
Alfredo City of Newton
Aldo UMTC UMass Amherst
Matt Town of Lexington DPW
Jennifer Town of Williamsburg
Roby Town of Yarmouth
Mike Town of Winchester
Corey Town of Acton
John Town of Weston
Tracy UMTC UMass Amherst