UMTC Online FAA Remote Pilot Exam Test Prep

Date: 6/6/2018 - 8/6/2019 8:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Location: Online





This UMTC self-paced online course is based on a recorded presentation by Aviation and UAS industry experts and is geared toward individuals who wish to earn their FAA Remote Pilot Certification.  Students will also learn about UAS Safety Management Practices that insurance companies and risk managers encourage.

This 9 hour course covers all required knowledge content areas of the FAA’s Remote Pilot Test including:  Regulations, The National Airspace System, Weather, Aircraft Loading and Performance, and Flight Operations.  Upon completion, students should feel qualified to take the FAA Remote Pilot Test.

A link to access the online course content will be emailed after payment is received. You will be required to log into the UMTC website with your username and password to view the course content. 

Course Objectives

• To prepare attendees with minimal UAS experience for the FAA Remote Pilot Test 
• To introduce attendees to  FAA requirements for drone operations as they apply to both private and public entities.
• To introduce attendees  FAA Remote Pilot Regulations
• To highlight some of the most common safety practices for both current and potential drone operators.

Course Modules* 

Introduction Video 

Module 1- Remote Pilot Regulations - Sections A-D (90 min)

Module 2 - National Airspace System – Sections A-C (92 min)

Module 3 - Aircraft Loading & Performance – Sections A-D (90 min)

Module 4 - Maintenance (MX) – Complete Module (30 min)

Module 5 - Weather - Sections A-E (105 min)

Module 6 - Flight Physiology, Crew Resource Management & Aeronautical Decision-Making – Sections A-C (55 min)

Module 7 - Airport Operations – Sections A-B (50 min)

Module 8 - Emergency Procedures – Sections A-B (30 min)

Next Steps Video

*module times are approximate


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Register by 6/1/2019
Public Sector


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