Dr. Jimi B. Oke Joins Transportation Engineering Faculty


Oke comes to the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) department from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he has been serving as a postdoctoral associate since September of 2016 and is the project manager for the Future Urban Mobility study in the MIT Energy Initiative. As Oke describes his research, “I am a systems researcher primarily investigating complex interactions at the transportation-energy nexus. My vision is for tightly-integrated societies where information, technology, and operations are effectively harnessed for sustainability, accessibility, and resilience in their undergirding systems.”

Oke adds that “I aim to achieve this by developing transferable and relevant tools for researchers, planners, and policymakers alike in order to improve our urban and global spaces, one solution at a time, and to get this done with the least amount of overhead possible. Effective research must therefore be shareable, reproducible, and relevant.”

Besides being an accomplished academic, Oke, who hails from Ibadan, Nigeria, is also a gifted classical and jazz guitarist after having completed majors in physics and music at Williams College. In 2016 Oke obtained his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University at the Mathematical Optimization for Decisions Lab. There he worked on problems in schematic mapping, global bicycling, and multimodal energy network modeling.

At Johns Hopkins Oke received a Gordon Croft Fellowship, a Civil Engineering Graduate Service Award, a Teaching-as-Research Fellowship, an Educational Training Core Traineeship, and a Whiting School of Engineering Research Fellowship, among other accomplishments.