Study by UMTC Research Affiliate O.A. Elrahman Shows Benefits of Non-Motorized Cargo Cycles

A recently completed study by Dr. O.A. (Sam) Elrahman and colleagues demonstrates the benefits of using non-motorized cargo cycles as an innovative strategy to reduce freight-induced congestion, policy and noise in urban centers. The study tested the impact of cargo cycle use from a public policy perspective. It assessed the impacts of replacing freight trucks with cargo cycles on mobility, traffic efficiency, and public health (air pollution, noise pollution and road safety). It also illuminated the conditions under which cargo cycles can replace freight trucks.

By building empirical evidence for benefits gleaned from replacing freight vehicles with cargo cycles, the study makes an important contribution to building a culture of health that prioritizes interventions that improve health of city residents. 

A two-page overview of the study is available here
The full final report can be downloaded here.  
Dr. Elrahman can be contacted at for more information about this research.

This research was conducted through the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, a University Transportation Center sponsored by the US Department of Transportation and by Caltrans.  The Principal Investigator on this study was Dr. Jennifer C. Hartle at San Jose State.