MassDOT Releases Survey and Begins Community Activations for Long Range Transportation Plan

BOSTON — The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is pleased to announce it has launched a new online survey to kick off the second phase of public engagement for the 2050 Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan, entitled Beyond Mobility.  Community members across the Commonwealth are encouraged to help continue to craft the plan by submitting feedback through the online survey tool. The survey, which is offered in all major languages spoken in Massachusetts, is available at the following link ( /beyond-mobility-survey).

“This second phase of public engagement for the Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan will be critical in helping MassDOT understand the transportation priorities of community members throughout the Commonwealth,” said Transportation Secretary and CEO Jamey Tesler. “The results from surveys and community-centered engagement activities will help inform future capital programming and strategic planning at MassDOT.”

The second round of engagement provides all community members an opportunity to provide views on how to prioritize limited resources across transportation investments. The online survey, which launched today, Monday, August 22, will be open through Friday, October 14, 2022. The results of this public survey will help MassDOT identify the priorities for future transportation investments and determine the most important elements of a seamless transportation system.

In addition, MassDOT will be hosting a series of community-centered engagement activations across the Commonwealth. The community activations, which are designed to meet people where they are, will be in place from August through the end of September across Massachusetts. These community activations will involve outreach street teams setting up a kiosk at various locations across the state, sharing information about the plan, and offering incentives for passersby and others to participate in the Beyond Mobility public survey. A calendar of community activations can be found on the Beyond Mobility website at

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