Essential Supervisory Skills- Newton

Date: 4/6/2023 8:30 AM - 4/6/2023 2:30 PM

Location: Mt. Ida Campus
100 Carlson Ave.

Newton, Massachusetts




Course Description:
Your technical expertise has taken you far, but managing others requires a whole new set of skills. This foundational class will help you develop your supervisory competence by adding essential tools to your leadership toolbox.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
• Get the job done through others by prioritizing and delegating effectively.
• Pave the way for your team to succeed by solving problems and removing obstacles.
• Improve your people’s skills and mindsets through real-time coaching and feedback.
• Command respect from others by developing your managerial presence.
• Obtain the support and resources your team needs by advocating persuasively.

Target Audience:
Anyone interested in honing their supervisory skills at any level should attend this training.

First Name Affiliation
Gary City of Marlborough
Dan City of Salem
James City of Marlborough
Robert Town of Natick DPW
Bob City of Cambridge DPW
Adam City of New Bedford
David Town of Chelmsford
Derek City of Melrose
Tiko City of Worcester DPW & Parks
Richard Town of Chelmsford
Brian City of Cambridge DPW
Kate City of Salem
David City of New Bedford Department of Public Infrastructure
Jack Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Ardian Town of Needham DPW
Mike City of Melrose
TJ City of Cambridge DPW
Dennis City of New Bedford
Thomas City of Marlborough
Erin City of Boston
Denali City of Worcester DPW & Parks
Bryan City of Melrose