2023 Massachusetts Driver Skills and Safety Event

Date: 7/19/2023 7:30 AM - 7/19/2023 2:30 PM

Location: Wachusett Mountain Ski Area
499 Mountain Rd.

Princeton, Massachusetts




Congratulations to this year's winners!

Loader event

First Place: Connor Chagnon, Concord
Second Place: Nick Repekta, Shrewsbury
Third Place: Peter Calore, Newton

Snow Plow Team event

First Place: Jim Fleming and Nick Repekta, Shrewsbury
Second Place: Dan Hanson and Dave Griswold, Yarmouth
Third Place: Connor Chagnon and Nick Sorrentino, Concord

The Driver Skills & Safety Event 

The Massachusetts Highway Association is pleased to announce the statewide 2022 Massachusetts Driver Skills and Safety Training Event. This event is designed to demonstrate teamwork, safety awareness, and vehicle operating skills in a competitive, fun setting. This event is open to all cities and towns without having to pre-qualify at a county event. In addition to trucks, this training event will also include a wheel loader event.

Who Is Eligible?
Any employee of a highway or public works department of a city or town in Massachusetts who is in possession of a valid CDL license for the truck event and a valid 2B Hoisting license for the loader event. A team consists of two (2) eligible registrants for truck, and one (1) eligible registrant for loader. Registration is limited to no more than two (2) teams from each city or town. (we may take more depending on how many teams sign up)

Come Join Us For:?• Valuable hands-on training exercises?• A day of friendly competition?• Awards & prizes?• Lunch for participants, courtesy of the Mass Highway Association

Costs: $60.00 per person for a single event or to attend and observe, and $120.00 for a double event.




Registration - 7:30 AM – 8:00 AM

Welcome and Overview of the day 8:00 AM – 8:15 AM

Judges Orientation 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM

Course walk through 8:45 AM - 9:00 AM 

Event Starts 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

First Name Affiliation
Stephen Town of Franklin DPW
Steven City of Haverhill
Michael City of Haverhill
Steven Town of Westminster
Tom Town of Concord DPW- Highway & Grounds Division
Anthony City of Newton
Peter City of Newton
Connor Town of Concord DPW- Highway & Grounds Division
Joe Town of Franklin DPW
Gene Town of Arlington
Tyler Town of Monterey
David Town of Arlington
Kevin Town of Concord DPW- Highway & Grounds Division
Devin Town of Sterling DPW
Geoff Town of Sterling DPW
Jonas City of Worcester Water & Sewer Operations
Frederic City of Newton DPW
Kosta City of Haverhill
Jim Town of Shrewsbury
Scott Town of Norwood
George Town of Norwood
Roland City of Haverhill
James Town of Westminster
Dave Town of Yarmouth
Tom Town of Lexington
Orhan Town of Arlington
Daniel Town of Yarmouth
Nick City of Haverhill
Mike Town of Shrewsbury
Nick Town of Norwood
Eric Town of Ashby
Mattew Town of Oxford
Santo City of Worcester Water & Sewer Operations
Arthur Town of Concord DPW- Highway & Grounds Division
Nicolas City of Easthampton
Justin Town of Needham
Jacob Town of Oxford
Henry Town of Belmont DPW
Rudy City of Newton
Laurie Town of Oxford
Daniel Town of Burlington DPW
Brett Town of Shrewsbury
Philip Town of Westminster
Stephen City of Newton DPW
Paul Town of Belmont
Steven Town of Belmont DPW
Brian City of Haverhill
Monica City of Worcester Water & Sewer Operations
Mike Town of Burlington
Wayne City of Worcester
Mike Town of Yarmouth
David Town of Lexington
Kyle Town of Monterey
carlos City of Worcester Water & Sewer Operations
Anthony City of Haverhill
Daniel City of Haverhill
Nick Town of Shrewsbury
Jeff Town of Arlington
Adam City of Easthampton
Brian Town of Oxford
Kenny Town of Lexington
Al City of Newton
Ken Town of Sterling DPW
Nick Town of Concord DPW- Highway & Grounds Division
Sam Town of Ashby
Paul Town of Concord DPW- Highway & Grounds Division
Jeffrey Town of Athol DPW
Phelps Town of Lexington
Christian Town of Franklin DPW