UMassAir is a University of Massachusetts interdisciplinary and multi-location* team of faculty, scientists, students and professionals, conducting scientific research and educational activities related to unmanned aerial systems (UAS). 

Funded initially through by the UMass President's Office Science and Technology Initiative, the overall goals of UMassAir are to:

(1) serve as an incubator to develop new basic and applied UAS-related research;
(2) offer educational programs to train the next generation of UAS research scientists and the civilian workforce seeking to gain knowledge in piloting, sensor use, data processing and analytics; and,
(3) we offer UAS-based image capture and data processing contract services. If interested, please email


Image of drone near aircraft on runway

UMassAir has three key research foci: 

(1) UAS Operational Safety, Security and Reliability; 
(2) Natural Resources, Agriculture and Infrastructure Management; and, 
(3) Public Policy and Social Impacts.

UMassAir complements and leverages the Aviation Research and Training Initiative at Westover Air Reserve Base and the Westover Metropolitan Airport run by the UMass Transportation Center - Aviation Center (UMTC-AC). As a member of FAA's Northeast unmanned aircraft test site, UMTC-AC will provide infrastructure and logistical support.

For more information, see the pages below.

UMassAir Research Projects
UMassAir Educational Offerings
UMassAir UAS Flight and Data Processing and Analytics Contract Services email
* The UMass campuses of Amherst, Dartmouth and Lowell and off-campus research stations such as the UMass Transportation Center – Aviation Center at Westover Air Force Base, the UMass Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment’s Cranberry Station in Wareham MA, and the UMass Gloucester MA Marine Research Station.