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UMass Transportation Center
214 Marston Hall
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: (413) 545-2604
Fax: (413) 545-9569

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Image of Eleni Christofa




Dr. Eleni Christofa
Assistant Professor

 Image of Song Gao




Dr. Song Gao
Associate Professor

Image of Eric Gonzales 




Dr. Eric Gonzales
Assistant Professor

 Image of Mike Knodler




Dr. Michael A. Knodler Jr.
Associate Professor
Director, UMTC

Image of Daiheng Ni 




Dr. Daiheng Ni
Associate Professor

Image of John Collura 




Dr. John Collura
Professor Emeritus

Image of Paul Shuldiner 




Dr. Paul W. Shuldiner
Professor Emeritus



Image of Chris Ahmadjian 




Chris Ahmadjian
Program Manager, Baystate Roads
Associate Director

Image of Brenda Codella 




Brenda Codella
Project Coordinator

 Image of Karen Dodge




Karen J. Dodge
Manager of Training & Outreach

 Image of Kathryn Donnelly




Kathryn Donnelly
Media Relations Specialist

 Image of Michelle Farr




Michelle Farr
Grant Administrator

 Image of Jenn Gazillo




Jennifer Gazzillo
Project/Research Coordinator

Image of Gretchen Johnson 




Gretchen Johnson
Project Coordinator

 Image of Melissa Paciulli




Melissa Paciulli
Manager of Research and Development

 Image of Robin Riessman




Robin Riessman
Associate Director, UMassSafe

Image of Cindy Schaedig 




Cynthia Schaedig
Project Coordinator

Image of Mike Smith 




Michael Smith
Technical Training Specialist

Image of Kristina Stetson 




Kristina Stetson
Administrative Manager

Image of Aldo Villani 




Aldo Villani
Marketing/Design Coordinator